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Oops, I peed again.

Hello beautiful!

And yes, you read that title right. It’s usually what I said after a good sneeze or cough while I was pregnant. Embarrassing to admit. But let’s be honest, there isn’t a whole lot left to the imagination once you’ve given birth. AM I RIGHT?! I’m putting it all on the table when I tell you that my pelvic muscles just aren’t what they used to be. Obviously things are better now that a baby isn’t pushing on my bladder, but I have to be honest when I tell you I still have that “oops” moment every once in a while. But that’s okay! Ya know why?

Because there are geniuses in the world and they invented Icon Pee-Proof Underwear (@iconundies). I truthfully didn’t even know they existed until a couple of months ago and now I’m wishing I would have known about them last year when I really needed them everyday!

Leak-proof, washable (hello earth friendly!) and they stay dry throughout the day which means total comfort. I’m so excited to tell you about them because my mission from the very beginning of this whole journey was to make sure I help as many people as possible through my stories and the useful products that I share.

This is one of those times, my friend!

My honest review? They’re awesome. I thought for sure they would feel uncomfortable, similar to wearing a pad. But they definitely aren’t. The panties are comfortably snug around my mid section and don’t feel weird in my down yonder area. Is it strange that I hope I sneeze too hard to really test them out? LOL. If you ladies haven’t tried them then you definitely need to, especially if incontinence is something you deal with regularly. ALSO (and this is super important) this underwear is size inclusive (XS-5XL). Comfy undies in cute colors, that actually fit? It’s a miracle. Ha! They’re life savers. And I’m in love!

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So click on the link and grab yourself a pair! You will be so glad that you did. And here’s a little something extra. Use this code: CHLOE5 and you will get $5 off of your order!

Happy sneeze-coughing, ladies!

with love,

Chloe’ Meghan








This post was sponsored by THINX, Inc. But as always and forever, my opinions and words are my own. Authenticity is the foundation of what I do everyday throughout any platform and I am true to that 110%. That’s my promise to you. 

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