Chalk Paint

So “De-” stressed.

I know what you’re probably thinking, what does “So Distressed” even mean? Well, the idea behind this came to me when I realized in my vlogs that I would always refer to each piece that I finished as being “so distressed”. Then it hit me. I’m out here painting this furniture not only because it’s something I like to do or because I make money from it but because it’s a way for me to relax and destress from a long day. It’s a way for me to get a little me time, catch up on my podcasts that I love to listen to (current favs are YogaGirl & Dana Falsetti ) and just really zone out from the world. I could sit there with my baby monitor, a glass of sweet tea (or wine, coffee, etc..) and my phone on speaker as I just really spaced out and tuned in to what was going on in my own brain.

I think that’s something that I really miss from my past life. Just having that time and space to think. To create a thought in my brain, turn it into a plan and immediately have the ability to apply forward moving action to it. Now I think “Hey girl, you should probably get some groceries”, then I make a plan to go there but first lemme change Paisley, nurse her, put fresh clothes on her, make sure the iPad is charged, sippy cup is full, snack container is fresh, where’s the diaper bag? Am I wearing a bra? Oh crap, I’m almost to the store, have I not been wearing shoes this whole time?

Yeah, that’s literally what happened to me the other day.

As moms (and just regular human beings really), we become so bogged down with everything that is going on in life. We have to make the money, pay the bills, run here, run there, post a perfect picture, change diapers, etc etc etc. But I feel like if each of us took the time to make sure we were devoting at least 5-10 mins of our day to just pause, take a deep breath and regroup, we could really manifest so much abundance out of our day in that short period of time. I like to do this during nap-times or when I’m about to paint. It’s the secret to my (most of the time) sanity and the reason I am able to type this.

All in all, I created this website “So Distressed” because I’m hoping it will blossom into something amazing. My way of sharing real moments that happen to me while traveling down my motherhood path but also showing you one way that I am able to find time for myself to relax which is through my painting and creating. And no, I’m not a professional artist or anything. I’m the furthest thing from creative. One of my sisters got hit with that stick (seriously, she’s so talented) haha. I just have an inert passion for making old things beautiful again and I love that every piece tells it’s own story. That’s why we’re all here you know, to tell our stories. Our stories are our lives and it’s the reason why I’m siting here writing this right now.

x. chloe.

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