First Post!

My First Post…(getting out of my own way)

Wow. I can’t believe I’m finally doing a blog post. Let me be honest, (because just a little warning, this page will be honest AF) I have no clue what I’m doing. Which is probably why I have been putting this off for so long. I’ve always wanted to do a blog page but I didn’t think I had a voice or that anyone would even care what I had to say. But come to find out, my beautiful followers love my honest posts. So with that I hope to further my connection with you all and share a few different aspects about my life in more than the limiting number of characters that are allowed within a caption on Instagram. What I’m hoping to accomplish with this blog is to shed some light on the struggles of motherhood along with its’ beauty and my own personal journey of being a first time mom to my beautiful daughter, Paisley (who is currently 10 months old). I’m wanting to also do some critical thinking in regards to self love, body positivity and the importance of questioning everything.

Also, I’d like to dig deeper into why I named my website “So Distressed” by sharing with you all my new favorite love, breathing life into old and forgotten pieces of furniture. It’s the thing I’m most obsessed with lately and I want to show you all the wonderful things that I love about painting, distressing and DIYing things as a full time mom. Yes, I’ve become one of “those” people that dreams of chippy paint, barn wood and picking junk at the thrift stores {yay}.

I didn’t even know that blogs really existed until recently and I definitely didn’t have any clue that we as mothers had time to read them. But I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll sit down with a glass of wine (or coffee) and this will be your new guilty pleasure! Hopefully some of these things interest, inspire and motivate your soul and you will stick around to hear what I have to say. I genuinely care about every single person that takes the time to read my posts on Instagram and if even one thing that I share affects somebody somewhere in some positive way then I know that what I’m doing has meaning and purpose. Thank you so much if you’re still listening and bear with me as I figure all of this blogging stuff out, haha. I can’t wait to get this thing started! Amazing, wonderful, BEAUTIFUL things are on the way.

P.S. you’re one of them.

light + love, chloe.

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